The Casual Friday- A Weekend Look Ahead

The Casual Friday- Weekend Sign

The Casual Friday is a plan for the weekend ahead with something to watch, read, cook and whatever else might pop up.


Vikings Valhalla – Netflix

One thing is sure, our appetite for vikings is still going strong. Gone are Ragnar, Lagertha and Bjorn. Netflix’s version is set 200 years after the History Channel’s take. The main characters are the legendary explorer Leif Erickson, his sister Freydis and prince Harald Sigurdsson. The show starts with the St. Brice’s Day Massacre that was the killing of the Vikings/Danes living in England and builds up to their revenge.

I’m a couple of episodes in and so far so good. Each show is about 45 minutes and looks like a prime option for a weekend binge.


Filet Mignon – Chef Jean-Pierre

Hello friends! Chef Jean-Pierre is one of my favorites. I love his YouTube channel; I love his personality and I love his recipes. The thing that I appreciate is that he takes recipes and makes them approachable. There’s not much measuring or being overly worried about the ingredients.

If you can learn to cook filet mignon and some vegetables, you’ll always have a nicer than a normal meal that you can break out on date night or special occasions.

I’m betting you’ll end up liking Chef Jean-Pierre too.


The Oral History of Prince’s Batman Soundtrack – The Ringer

prince lilyQian.0
The Ringer

The Dark Knight and The Purple One. This movie had it all. A great Michael Keaton as Batman, the irrepressible Jack Nicholson as the Joker and the coolest artist who ever lived on the soundtrack.

If you’ve got something interesting on the horizon, drop me a comment and we’ll check it out.

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