The Casual Friday

The weekend street sign

In this post, we’ll look ahead to the weekend with something to watch, read, cook, and whatever else pops up.


Somebody, Somewhere – HBO / HBO Max

Comedian Bridget Everett stars as Sam, a 40-something woman returning to her hometown in Kansas after the death of her sister. She struggles with who she is and how she fits in. She meets Joel, played by Jeff Hiller, who is a little further along on a similar journey. He introduces her to his group of friends and gives her a soft place to fall as she adjusts to her new life. The cast of characters is down-to-earth and endearing. You’ll find yourself pulling for Sam and Joel. This show has a heart and a feel that everyone can relate to.

The show airs weekly on Sunday and the next day on HBO Max.


The Lincoln Highway- Amor Towles

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Most people know Amor Towles from his previous book, A Gentleman in Moscow. The Lincoln Highway is his latest book. Set in Nebraska in 1954, Emmett Watson is an 18-year-old being driven to his family’s foreclosed farm by the warden of the prison work farm where Emmett served the last year of his life for involuntary manslaughter. Emmett is there to pick up his younger brother and figure out what their next move will be.

Fans of Towles’s writing know that his characters are colorful and his storytelling is seamless. His books are easily readable and engaging. If you’ve read Gentleman in Moscow or Rules of Civility you should be eagerly awaiting to get your hands on The Lincoln Highway.


Anchovy Pasta

I’m a big believer that you should always have ingredients for pasta in your pantry. For the most part, they’re cheap, last a long time and you can throw it together quickly. Yes, that even includes anchovies.

Pasta can be anything you want it to be. Look at the noodles as a flavor delivery vehicle.

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